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Peter meets Harley for the first time and doesnt know how to react, so he curses out Tony in Italian. By the end, Peter had entirely let go of his New York accent, as normally happens when he's overly angry or upset. "Not to rude or anything but, WHY ARE WE GOING TO THE COMPOUND. but boxing day still counts as christmas in my book, so i'm not gonna beat myself up over it. How will he do that? Tony needs to give a speechbut is incapacitated, His appointed rep needs to do the brief for him, Peter did not mean to meet the Avengers this way and he knows as soon as Tony is up people are going to be getting fired. A timer chimed and Tony stood to pull a sheet of cookies out of the oven. Everyone in the room felt they could breathe a little bit easier knowing that Peter was okay. Because some random kid from Queens was more trustworthy than his team. Spiderman spat the last word out with as much venom as he could muster. Please consider turning it on! Said Tony.Peter gave a sigh and looked at May. She figured out his identity quickly and they became good friends. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of the Misfit Toys. Rhodey tried pulling Tony away as he looked up to the ceiling. Brad would just like to know who, exactly, Peters dad is. When the bell rang, Peter was already out of how fast he ran. A.k.a everyone forgets May is Italian and Peter's a badass, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, I Needed the BATHROOM but I'll take the job, Peter has had his powers for several years now, Idea that was based on a fanfiction.net fanfic, Tony is the first one who initiates the kiss kiss with petey, You get more Andrew Spidey sassTM than Tom Holland sass, They're actually kinda creepy with how possesive they are, He's a bit of a douche to start but he's my fav character so he doesn't stay that way for long, Characters are from different tv shows/movies/comics, Really understand that this is basically the Avengers being fuckbuddies with peter, Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued, tbh the avengers are actually pretty sweet, ig i really wanted people to know that this isn't a platonic relationship thing, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child, Harley Keener & Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe), James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers (referenced), Venom doesn't understand human relationships, Peter Parker is Pepper Potts's Biological Child, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Steve and Tony are good bros because I say so, Fury is a pirate uncle and you can't change my mind, Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanov are best buds, Let's see how many tropes I can fit in this fic, Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov Friendship, Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov Friendship, May Parker (Spider-Man) & Tony Stark Coparenting Peter Parker, i cannot stress enough that Peter uses drugs in this, Or Steve can just be sleeping on the couch with his best friend, Like I know its tagged as Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, But if you dont accept Stucky then try and make it theyre bffs, Idk he just strikes me as a Beatles sort of person, Nooooo its definitely not because he mentioned them once in Infinity War, And understands atoms and molecules better than I do, What If It's Us - Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera, Harley Keener is Tony Stark's Biological Child. Okay, so this is just a book of MCU (mostly Peter Parker centric) one shots with tropes you've read a thousand times. May, I'm home!" Some accident from your playboy days? Peppermint is known to repel spiders, and can be lethal in large quantities., In which Peter gives Tony and the gang a rather festive health scare on Christmas Eve. "You should listen to Tony. Peter groaned at the action, but thankfully was still lucid enough to wrap his arms around Tonys neck. great He began retching weakly, Tony and Rhodey now needing to hold him up so he wouldnt fall forward. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. He kept clearing his throat and swallowing, and couldnt seem to sit still. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A MURDER VICTIM TURNS UP ON YOUR DOOR? A ransom call gone wrong spelt the end of the childs life. Peter signed to his father that they were leaving. Rhodey moved off the couch to crouch in front of Peter to get a bitter look at him. His heart was in his throat and Peter stood again. MJ and Ned didn't come to school and Flash made it his mission to make him have a bad day. I was ten when someone," he sent a pointed glare at Bucky who had been revealed as the culprit "bombed my parents plane. P.S - Requests are closed. Avengers (more than) Family PTSD Peter Parker Peter's spider sense is dangerous to him toxic Peter can't control it Peter has severe anxiety problems Peter has sever sensory overloads Also RATINGS MIGHT CHANGE Really understand that this is basically the Avengers being fuckbuddies with peter Unfortunately discontinued Do I need to remind you two that we have a kid here? He asked as Peter groaned. I almost killed the sweetest teenager on the face of the planet Peter asked as he finished his last waffle. I agree, Underoos. Natasha rose an eyebrow at the duo, recognising their sarcasm. Tony Stark loves to learn. Then, they returned to England with his parents and was declared a citizen of England. I told you I just-", "I know what a fake accent sounds like Pete. Do you really want to hear me say it?. Where DUM-E is lonely, so four-year-old Peter crushes Avengers' meeting to tell his dad about this. or: Nineteen year old Peter Parker navigating his life as a moneyless college student. The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Marvel Cinematic Universe Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker & James "Rhodey" Rhodes Bruce Banner & Peter Parker Pepper Potts/Tony Stark James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Bruce Banner & Tony Stark Peter Parker & Pepper Potts Bruce Banner & James "Rhodey" Rhodes Characters: Still tired.. Peter said to no one in particular as his eyes slipped shut, like he was just realizing it. Peter woke up and forgot for a few minutes. Toomes looked over Peter's shoulder, and immediately tried to take off, but then a blur flew over Peter, grabbed the spear, and threw it at the left wing of the suit. Then you can pay to clean up your own damn messes.". "Since when do you speak Spanish?" I am begging you." Peter pleaded and elbowed Ned in the side when he started laughing. Mr. Stark pulled something up and started to type away. Darkness claws at the edges of his vision. I didnt know you were so bad at baking, Mr. Stark. Peter giggled as Rhodey went on about the time Tony had tried baking a cake for Rhodeys birthday years ago. Mira marica que mierda te pasa.Hoy he tenido un mal dia y tu vienes y me lo empeoras. He just brushed it off thinking it was maybe his laundry time or something else. Tony felt responsible too. "Sure kid, Friday says she has all she needs." At least that's what she had thought until her two friends found a time traveling device lying around outside College student Peter Parker is poor. Tony smirked, curious to the killers reactions. dont Before Bruce had the chance to seal Peter inside, he reached out and clamped one hand around Tonys wrist. Its not your fault. Rhodey nodded, taking a slow breath. i know i mention it at the end of all of my fics, but i am a sad lowly writer who craves validation and attention. And wakes up on the 30th April 2016, three days before Lagos. Bad Hands too. Bruce scribbled something down quickly on his clipboard, as Rhodey wiped a tear from his eye. Ned was the first since his house was closer to the school. Peter was walking around town when he got a message, interrupting the music he was blasting into his ears through his earbuds. He sighed and pulled a tee shirt over his shoulders. He couldn't wait so he could go to Mr.Stark's lab to update his suit as they had agreed. Then, he became Spider-Man. "Peter.. stand down." Part of the post-Homecoming series "Strands in the Rope," which attempts to show how Tony and Peter's relationship might have developed between Homecoming and Infinity War, but can stand alone, also. Sorry for the strong language. Right now you just get some more rest. And so he did. Before anyone could say anything more, Peters eyes shot open and a coffee ground like substance came up out of his mouth. Meanwhile Peter begins to discover things about his biological mother he never knew. The only way to find out what itll do to him is to just have it done. He looked worriedly at Tony. Then it started raining and he forgot his umbrella. Kid- Tony tried to interject. Then he met Ned and lost Gwen. Said Peter with more confidence in his voice.Tony just nodded and motioned Peter to sit next to him and told him," Its okay, but maybe next time tell me if you are not american. Peter looked up at Tony with pleading eyes, his body growing weaker by the second. Soon everyone learned not to mess with Peter and take his threats seriously. Tony Stark. Rhodey..? He questioned. This was a solider, not a champion. He ate some quickly. He looked over at Tony, pretending to be upset. He would rather see sincerity than a righteous script.-Tony needs to give a speech but is incapacitated. I hope you updated the wireless interface on the Cradle, Tony. She pointed out, the Cradle across the room starting up. "Mr. Parker, I can inform you that your iq is in fact higher than both Boss and Dr. He reached up to pull Peters hands away from his mouth, offering a calm Let me take a look. only to find that he was drooling into his hand, seemingly unable to close his mouth. Mira marica que mierda te pasa.Hoy he tenido un mal dia y tu vienes y me lo empeoras. Bucky raises his eyebrows. Bruce? Helens voice came through the ceiling. Then he lost his first American friend, Harry. So shut the fuck up and leave my dad alone!" screamed Peter storming in the living room where all the Avengers were. Movies ACTION ADVENTURE COMEDY OVERPOWERED GENIUS MARVEL FUTURE UNPRINCIPLED AVENGERS SPIDERMAN 4.51 Tony Stark dies October 17th 2023. That night, Tony learned another of many lessons about his Spider-Kid the hard way; Peter Parker and peppermint, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, uhhhh god i am so bad at tagging i am so sorry, it's also four in the morning and i just finished writing this so cut me some slack lmao. And its too dark to see well at this point Pete, Im thinking wed better stop for shelter for the night. Tony and Peter end up in a scary motel for the night, which only has one room left with one bed. He knew the kid could understand everything the murderers were saying and they could use that to their advantage "Pity.". Of course he stayed in touch with some of his friends from town, but it wasn't the same. Tony kissed his hand and planted it onto Peters forehead quickly before Bruce sealed the Cradle shut. He'd have to ask his father if he could visit York soon. A one shot. I.. I-I dont.. Im Peter tried. I'm impressed. left kudos on this work! Everything is good. Peter Parker is Queens, born and raised. Then my first girlfriend was killed, bled out in my arms. first impression on Bruce because of it). Due to a misunderstanding, Deadpool tracks down Peter Parker in an attempt to uncover the information he believes Peter has on Daredevil. Disclaimer:The Pictures and Characters I use I DO NOT own unless stated otherwise. Meanwhile Peter Parker was having literally the worst day ever. Peter Parker is Queens, born and raised. "Fri, could you be a good chap and take me to Mista Stark?" Natasha looked surprised to see him, in a different way then the others. Maybe get a job. Peter wished this was the Captain America he could have seen in those videos. 17 When school ended Happy came to pick him up. Peter had his jaw to the floor, the COMPOUND!!!!! "CLINT FRANCIS ELIZABETH BARTON!" Peter has had his powers for several years now. Yes you did. "Peter? Friday said the symptoms resemble that of hydrochloric acid poisoning. Mira marica hable espanol queahhhh sorry I got mad at Clint and spoke Spanish," said Peter like it was obvious. Tony Stark loves to learn. He said through gritted teeth. Nor could anyone else. So, yeah - he called on an upstart vigilante who was more than willing to back him up. He threw a hand out. Peter wakes up in the compound medbay after his fight with Toomes goes just slightly worse than it did in canon. To this, the Avengers just looked confused. Then he was late to the bus. Tears start to form in Tonys eyes. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Peter tried to figure out what Tony was making a list of. Also to be careful speaking another language around him since he could understand. He knew that once Peter started on his ramblings he was hard to stop. Peter moaned next to him, breathing heavily. And not die trying. Peter was walking around town when he got a message, interrupting the music he was blasting into his ears through his earbuds. "It's Peter." I know it hurts, Pete, but its gonna help, okay? Then he was late to the bus. Thats no secret. The one skill hes never quite been able to master. Youve still got loads of time to sleep, kid. Tony told him. Tuve que limpiar mi cuarto y mi cabello que tarda un puto rato. Stark, that storms not looking so good.Mmm. They left the school and started walking to their apartments. 5 times The Avengers (excluding Clint) forgot Peter Parker is a vigilante, and 1 time everyone remembered. you know what would be the ultimate christmas gift to me? Running over to the Tower, the red faced teen busted in and practically pranced to the elevator. They had forgotten that Peter had been raised by May Parker. It was all being kept in the fridge for when they could all eat together as a family. He lived with them until he was ten, then his parents were killed in a targeted plane bombing. Peter leaned forward and coughed into his hand. Language: English Words: 1,600 Chapters: 1/? ALSO this is heavily inspired by the book what if its us 100% recommend. As it should be. She replied. He got there to see a giant plate of waffles. Theres peppermint oil in the spritz cookies. Rhodey recalled. Christmas can wait until youre feeling a bit better, kid. Due to your own problems, you happened to have been in the same predicament as him. This was something Tony had no plans on ever repeating. Peters breathing became more desperate and erratic, and Rhodey called for Bruce as he and Tony tried wiping Peters hands of his bloody saliva. Peter was overly cheerful today. A following message sent him the coordinates he was supposed to go to. He had his dad and he had Uncle Rhodey and that was enough. He was tapping his shoe and glancing at the clock being impatient. Black Widow was there, Hawkeye on the nearby rooftops, both pointing their weapons at the trio. ", ------------------------------------------. He's the kind of person to help others when needed, like the Avengers were supposed to. Please consider turning it on! He stopped dead in his tracks. The Compound kitchen had gone from the baking zone to the cooking zone, as Pepper, now joined by Bruce, prepared the various dishes for their Christmas dinner. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. Ned wanted to show me this new comic book he got which actually looked really cool, I think im going to borrow it, The brunette dropped his bag on the floor and automatically made his way to his corner of the lab, never looking up from his notes, oblivious to the other teenager in the room. Clint, who didn't understand the threat, gave a wicked grin thinking his plan has worked and Peter was going to his (peters) room. But he has his hands full as Spider-Man with a gang spreading fear in the streets of New York, putting civilians at risk and bankrupting the city. At what Peter said and what is about to do," said Tony catching his breath and clutching his stomach since he was laughing so hard. "Yes, Natasha. it may just force this dysfunctional group of people to become a family again. Yo que mierda te hice.Nada pero noo tu vienes y haces esta idiotez.Mira te lo advierto un chistesito mas y voy y te rompo todos tus arcos y flechas, pinto tu cuarto morado y con plumas y luego te prohibo entrar a la ventilacion. Clint then saw him and his grin was now a frown not getting at what he was laughing about. Thank you for your time! Peters 2 and 3 visit the youngest Spider-Man after they get their dimension hoppers and arent too pleased about how burned out he is and how insecure he feels about his place in their lives. Sassy Peter. Essentially, she was allowing him to go back to his home town. He saw the cars driving the wrong way, a city instead of a small busy neighborhood and it dawned on him that he was no longer in York, but in New York City with his Aunt and his new father. He couldn't wait so he could go to Mr.Stark's lab to update his suit as they had agreed. Pepper had gone to bed some time ago, the chairs in the med bay doing little to support her back and distended stomach. Mr. Stark wasn't buying it, however. Peter Parker & Avengers Team Characters: Peter Parker Tony Stark Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Bruce Banner Steve Rogers Clint Barton Sam Wilson (Marvel) Vision (Marvel) Wanda Maximoff Language: English Series: Part 1 of Peter Parker is TalentedNext Work Collections: Fics with varying amount of Spidermom Stats: Rhodey tried placing a damp cloth in the palm of Peters hand, but it made him cry out in pain. When he got there, the door was locked. Tony stood. Peter gets his internship and everything is great even if he has and abusive uncle and all but thats totally not irrelevant. Now let's stop talking about that and let's go the the compound." "Friday, who's there?" Confused looks were shared around Peter. For both his history and his present; Starks got a shit ton of- well, a lot. From Irondad prompt #53 by @itsmechara426 on her @irondadmadlads blog! This work could have adult content. Youre gonna be okay, Pete. Tony brushed Peters hair out of his face again, shushing him. Smarts. Entedido hijo de puta?" When Peter got to the tower his spidey sense was tingling. Soon Peter screamed,"Barton te adverti ahora te vas al carajo y voy a cumplir mi promesa.". Hes bleeding through his stomach. Bruce called out, urgently. Look I'm warning you one more joke and I'm breaking all your arrows and bows, painting your room purple with feathers, and banning you from the vents. Osborns got all of Oscorp-- while, again, it doesnt compare to Stark Industries, its got something to it that just freaks Peter out. "Ese Hijo de puta se las va a ver conmigo." Theyd long since thrown out all the cookies they had baked, Rhodey couldnt stand the smell of them after what they had done to Peter. It was a rare sight to see when the two were together and there was no contact between them. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). How the hell did this happen?. Peter whimpered as they did so. And they actually wanted things to get better. Tony, Rhodey, Bruce, and Pepper spent the early hours of Christmas morning waiting at Peters bedside for him to wake up after his six hour procedure. A lot of the Avengers had fought against him in Berlin, so none were too happy with the idea of figuring out just how young the boy really was and acknowledge that they had lost to someone younger than them. "Thanks mate!" Yeah, everyone knows that Tony Stark loves to learn. Cho? Tony asked urgently, severity in his tone. Oh well, I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars, James "Bucky" Barnes/Original Female Character, Natasha Romanov/Original Female Character, Bruce Banner/Original Female Character(s), T'Challa (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov Friendship, I have the mouth of a sailor and my fic characters will too, so his mental health and general responsibility levels match that, none of these people are mentally stable though we know that, Steve Rogers/Original Female Character(s), i'm gonna kill you if you don't beat me to it, Matt Murdock & Peter Parker & Wade Wilson, it's Matt and Wade doesn't like Tony and Peter knows that Tony isn't the best, everything i wrote is more fact that blind anger, Do You Like My Cookies (They're Made Just for You), you say things you normally wouldn't when in pain, Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Original Female Character(s), yes im writing an irondad fic in 2022 sue me, Peter Parker's Field Trip to Stark Industries, that's not mentioned but its important to me, cuz i watched spider-man homecoming and i thought she was a lesbian at first, then she was revealed to be the future love interest and i was like, Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant. i mean you're already down here, aren't you? Throat hurts. He replied weakly. Rhodey brought over a garbage can for Peter, who was still vomiting, which Tony held under his chin. Sure, the Avengers get some bad PR, but never J. Jonah. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peter was having a bad day.First Clint dumped a bucket of glitter on him to wake up. "Guess what! The Cradle can repair and print new tissue for his hands, no problem. She started. "Why didn't you tell me you were fromLondon?" Technically. He did not back down from her steely gaze. 52.2K. Hydra agent 'Spider' is sent out on a mission to retrieve blueprints from Avengers Tower. Tags: character: peter parker, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, theme: abuse. Not in a normal way. 5 Times The Avengers Broke the Internet and the 1 Time Stony Won The Bet, 2 Times Peter Was Almost Killed and 1 Time Peter and Clint Had 1 Thing In Common, 10 Times An Avenger Picked Him Up From School + 1 Time Tony Did. The genius bumped his head in shock at the sudden intrusion. Peter is a Little Shit. Five times Peter introduced himself to someone at Avengers Compound, and one time a visitor already knew exactly who he was.